Photo Gallery


If you’re looking to eat at a new restaurant on the north shore of Long Island, you’ve come across the perfect spot.The drinks happen to be nothing short of refreshing and innovative too!

The photos featured in this gallery depict a sampling of the Seven Quarts Tavern interior and some of the mouthwatering dishes you can expect to taste. Seven Quarts Tavern was designed to enhance your dining experience. You’ll find a mix of patina inspired colors throughout the restaurant. Golds and rustic reds can be seen on the walls and on the eclectic lighting and fixtures spotted in cozy nooks and comfortable booths. Exposed brick walls mix with stone, copper, bronze and wooden decor to create an absolutely beautiful ambiance. The atmosphere is super hip with a laid back vibe.

The food at Seven Quarts Tavern has been described as delicious from appetizers to desert! Executive Chef Dave Dunn creates delectable dishes that will awaken your palette. The platings are pleasing to the eyes with a stunning use of colors and rich textures. This new local Tavern in Northport, New York is fit for a foodie or good ole’ pub lover.